Kelly Roberge IS the world's ONLY solo quartet. After years of playing in bands that have broken up over conflict or other commitments, Roberge created the 'All of Us' solo quartet, a band that he can fully be in control of!

Performing four character roles along with their respective instruments, Roberge focuses on how each band member makes a connection with the audience, as well as with each other. The 'All of Us' solo quartet performs a blend of original hip hop and jazz music ranging from social and environmental concerns to slapstick absurdity.  We have performed at the
Women in Comedy Festival, The Brooklyn Comedy Festival and is the house band for Ken Reid's Member's Lounge

Our Gear

Kelly Roberge plays a Selmer Mark VI tenor saxophone and a Novation Launchpad controller.

Phil Bianchi plays a Korg Microkey USB keyboard controller

Cecil Witherspoon plays a Yamaha SHS-10 keytar

Marty Doty plays a Korg nanoPAD2
 All of our midi controllers run through a MacBook Pro computer, sounds are processed with Motu Audio Express. The amazing software that makes this all possble is Ableton Live and Propellerhead's Reason.
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