1. Saxy K

From the recording Saxy K

Kelly features the saxophone in the epic shred-fest Saxy K. He's K, it's Saxy.


I want the spotlight, to bring the focus in tight
Please turn it up bright, ah that's way too bright
It just feels so right to me, that's why you got your music degrees!
No inhabitations just heart and soul, doncha know?
Trust in the music, come on, let’s go!

Ah that’s much better, you and the horn front and center
With my friend tenor, the band's got a new member
We have a bond forever, forever and ever
Together they call us Saxy K, oh o.k.
I’m K, he’s Saxy, come on let’s play

This flesh and metal, yeah that flesh and metal
Will never settle, 'cause Saxy K's a rebel!
Heat the creative kettle, take it to the next level
Ride the wave like everythings at stake, piece of cake
This is the moment for us to take!